Wednesday, 4 February 2015 Useful Resources

So I will dump all of the useful EPM links I have found so far into this consolidated post. If you find any more please let me know!


EPM General Information

EPM Documentation
EPM is certified with Internet Explorer 11
Life Cycle Management Changes in
easy error tackling - new Error Message Guides in EPM
Thoughts on deprecated Essbase features and the future of EAS

EPM Installation & Configuration

EPM Installation and configuration
EPM Test Drive Quattro
Taking for a spin in the cloud
Firing Up with John A. Booth’s Amazon Image
HFM Running On Commodity Linux

EPM Planning

Planning New Features


A brief glance at HFM from a techie perspective
Say Hello To HFM
Financial Management
HFM under the covers – the new architecture  
HFM and Copy App Utility - NOT! 


FDMEE has been released
FDMEE show must go on!  


DRM New Features Released! Official from Oracle!
DRM Patch Details

EPM Calc Manager

Calc Manager New Functions


For  all of the blogs above I highly suggest bookmarking them - they are certainly much more useful than this one!

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