Sunday, 4 May 2014

FDMEE - Coherence Cluster Error

So I recently configured FDMEE in my VM and I discovered that the oraclediagent could not start. There was a mass of errors in the logs:

The root cause of the issue was basically that the VM had changed IP address. Because of this the "coherence cluster" setup was not able to locate the correct endpoint and so he oraclediagent was not able to start correctly.

The fix for this is to add an entry in the Windows registry, to add -Dtangosol.coherence.localhost=<hostname> to the Java options:

So here we added "JVMOption52" and increased the "JVMOptionCount" to 52. The hostname of my VM is "winker".

Then the service was restarted.

The oraclediagent won't come up straight away. You must start it in the WebLogic Admin Console by clicking on Deployments on the left-side menu, ticking "oraclediagent", then selecting "Start"->"Servicing all requests".

 The deployment will go to state Active in the WebLogic Admin Console and the oraclediagent will be accessible.

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  1. Nice tutorial. The FDMEE tutorial was help ful for me. Keep Sharing Tutorials.